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Steve Jobs vs Obama

I onsdags visade Jobs upp sin nya iPad och Obama höll sitt State of the Union. Båda genererade kopiösa mängder med omnämnande på Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, bloggar etc.

Mashable skriver:

Here are some state about the Apple Event:
– Total mentions in social media: 496,842
– Tweets: 322,974
– Impact on Twitter: 22,001,377 (Unique people that were exposed to one of the above search term on Twitter)

In the 48 hour time period, there were 112 tweets per minute about the iPad and the rumors surrounding it.

Now, compare it to chatter about Obama’s address:
– Total mentions in social media : 68,201

– Tweets: 50,984
– Impact on Twitter: 13,571,805

Jobs = Buzz; Obama = Honey

Via: Mashable